HONOR + PREPARE - Limited Series

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HONOR + PREPARE - Limited Series

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Wear your Heart on your sleeve and your Creed on your Chest. 
"We Live to Honor those that have come before us + to Prepare the way for those yet to come. 

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Without doubt the most comfortable shirt we make. My daughter steals it from my closet every night to sleep in.
We have limited sizes available. And this will be the end of this run of shirt for a while.
A collectors item in the making.


Read the Story Below-  
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I was thinking about what living in this country means to me. I turned off the garbage that is our political cycle and thought about this place, this country, the good old US of A, not the borders or policy, but the people...

I was instantly reminded that countless patriots have done for this country in the name of freedom. Patriots that were willing to trade their very own lives in exchange for just the chance, just the opportunity, for their children to be free. To have a better life than they have had.
Just let that soak in for a moment.
Their Lives for a possible Freedom for those yet to come.

My mind was filed with names and faces of those who have stood in an unbroken chain in the last 240 years so that we as a nation can continue to grant liberty to each of its members. 
No, we have not been perfect, but I am thankful my children are growing up here, and now, and in this place. 

That we have a business that serves every single walk of life I can imagine as equals. That the only criteria in our family to love someone is that they are a good person. 

That is what I love about this place, this country, our people.
We can still trade our lives, for and opportunity for our children to have a better life. 

Our Family lives by a very simple yet very difficult creed: 
"We Live to Honor those that have come before us, 
To Prepare the way for those yet to come."


So I decided to sell every shirt we have with that creed on it
for the price it costs us to make them. 
I want to make sure as many people that feel the same way we do can wear their heart on their sleeve and their creed on their chest. 

No we aren't going to make any money at this. 
Yes it's a terrible idea. 
But this really isn't about any of that. 
It is about believing in something that is greater than yourself, 
Honoring those that have gotten us here, 
Making it better while we are here, and raising kids who will do the same. 

Enjoy your dangerous liberty this fourth of July. 

Keith Saarloos.