Jongen // Windmill Ranch Estate Grenache Noir // 2014


Jongen // Windmill Ranch Estate Grenache Noir // 2014


185 Cases Produced
100% Estate Grown
Windmill Ranch
Hand Picked by Family in 2014
Barrel Aged 2 Years
Bottled in 2016
Bottle Aged 1 Year


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Jongen is a dutch word for boy.
But it is used much more to describe a "kid."
I like the word kid, I still use it to address a room full of people. "What's Up Kids?" It disarms everyone almost immediately, and who doesn't like to be a Kid. 
Being a Kid is Great.
On the label, you see my Dad shirtless, shaved head, schwinn bike, cut on his chin, working hard making money. If you have collected our wines for a few years you might have sensed a secret pattern in our Grenache Noir. My Father and My Uncle are always depicted as young men, behind bikes, in a baseball uniforms, and with a serious face, they are always mirrors of each other. Everything is the same, but the personalities are different. Young men with the world stretched out before them.

Grenache Noir is that Kid to me. The one that everyone loves. The one that gets the buzz cut the day school gets out so he doesn't have to mess with it all summer long. When a bike meant a freedom that stretched out as far as your legs could peddle you.
My dad looked as his bike as not only a mode of transportation, but an avenue to a better life. He used that bike to earn. The same way he looks at all equipment. Tractor, truck, trailer. The only reason to have one is so that it makes money and your life easier. 
That is what Grenache Noir is. It is that awesome grape that the rest of the world is drinking like crazy that has yet to hit the mainstream of the American table.
It's the Kid. 
I can guarantee that if you open a Grenace Noir at a party, it will be the first wine that is gone. 
That is what is so amazing about Grenache Noir, everyone loves it. There is nothing offensive about it. 
Most other wines are polarizing, when people like Cabernet, they LOVE IT, but then a lot of other wines that are on the other end of the spectrum just are dead to them. Same with Syrah, or Zin, or Chard.....
But Grenache is in the dead center of that taste. It is like the Tom Hanks of wine. 
Everyone loves it, it can win a couple Oscars, make a tearjerker, get lost on an island and talk to a volleyball, then go to the moon. 
Grenache Noir will not be type cast. 
Grenache Noir is the Kid, Free and shirtless, shaved head, Schwinn bike, ready for work.

The Farmers Grape.