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Only 127 Cases Produced.
100% Estate 
From the ECR Vineyard
Hand Picked by Family in 2011
Partially Barrel Aged 2 Years
Bottled in 2013
Bottle Aged 1 Year


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Few people get to meet their Hero, 
Even fewer get to be related to them.

My grandfather was a complicated man. I believe I only saw him from a distance. Your father has to correct you, your grandfather, gets to love you.  I have respected few men more than him.  He lived his life, and I got to watch. When he laughed his eyes would water, and I believe he loved my Grandmother completely. A child of the depression, a post war marriage, a work horse ethic, and a silent drive to provide for his family beyond his own life. His father Died when he was young and being the father to his sons, that he wished he had, became his life's pursuit. He was by no means a perfect man. He was as ornery, stubborn, blunt, and tough as any Saarloos man.  But he was a product of his time, and circumstance. The stories of charity and vision I have heard from others I  respect has cemented his legacy among his Family. He has given us a bar to live up to, and a reason to correct our nature.
My Father and Uncle wanted to "grow something from the ground and raise cattle" because my grandfather always wanted to.  

The summation of my grandfather took place standing upon the driveway, looking over what is now the Windmill Ranch and my Fathers home. 
My Father turned to my Grandfather and said. '"Dad why didn't you ever do this?"

My grandfather said, "I was too busy raising you boys"

Truly these vines we tend, the of wine we craft,  and the life we lead is because of him...   
What a legacy, to have your whole family living out your dream for you, and in turn keeping them close, working together in a common goal.

 We honor them each day with our work, dedication, short memories in conflict, and our passion and pour Faith.