HONOR + PREPARE // 2013 // Petite Sirah


HONOR + PREPARE // 2013 // Petite Sirah


Petite Sirah
100% Estate Grown

Bronze on OD Green

53 Cases Available

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Live to honor those that have come before you,
and to prepare the way for those yet to come.

How much more do you have to say about Wine, then, we named our family Creed after it.
Everything you have to say just seems, petty. 

Open this one, 
With someone who deserves it. 

This is who we are in a bottle. A group of people that are here for each other. Living in such a way that they themselves are the least of the equation. Every act is in pursuit of the goal to make those above you look better, to be taken care of, to be honored. Each act is in pursuit to provide a path for those that are following. A life path for those children that are watching every move we make. To provide an example to them so they may live in such a way that they choose to HONOR + PREPARE for others. 
It is not a simple task. It is extremely hard to live this way. To live selflessly. To make very hard decisions that may not be understood today but are in pursuit of the right decision for 100 years from now. 

It is not easy, but it is Worth It.