Gil - SYRAH 2012


Gil - SYRAH 2012


100% Estate Ballard Canyon Vineyard
Ballard Canyon AVA
Hand Picked by Family in 2013
Barrel Aged 2 Years
Bottled in 2015
Bottle Aged 1 Year

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We felt that each of the Syrah's were so different that it would have been a shame to blend them together and release them as one. Though when blended they had a distinct harmony and recognizable characteristic of being our wine. It just didn't seem like the right thing to do. It seemed to steal their individuality, their remarkable nature, what made them unique. 

I had ha hard time reasoning this with myself... We farmed these places ourselves, the same hands touched everyone of these vines. All of these vines are raised only feet apart from each other, on the exact same vineyard. We didn't really do anything to make these grapes differ from each other, they are the same clone/dna.  

Yet, the personalities of these wines differ wildly.   

The only way I could describe it, was like brothers.
Think of them as 3 brothers that share the same DNA, they were raised in the same FAMILY, same house, same parents, but have wildly different personalities. 
Yes they share many characteristics, the same general look, mannerisms, and features. But they are different from each other.... 
As soon as I took this position in thought. I became delighted with it. 
I will now spend the rest of my life getting to know these individuals.