Matriarch // My GrandMother// Estate Grenache Blanc // 2014


Matriarch // My GrandMother// Estate Grenache Blanc // 2014


100% Estate

Hand Picked by Our Family in 2014
Partially Barrel Aged 1 Year
Partially Stainless Steel
Bottled in 2015
Bottle Aged 1 Year

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Have you ever met a woman that can seamlessly move between, out working the boys and getting dressed to the 10's for a girls night out? She makes everything look Graceful, Elegant, Easy. That was Bertha Saarloos. She was the kind of woman who loved to go out dancing, but only after she repainted an entire house. She would bring the rowdy boys to baseball games and in 1942 Willys Jeep and decide to drive to Nebraska with her daughter-in-law at the drop of a hat. Maybe it was the era, Maybe it was just grandma, but she saw life differently than most people I have met. She had a self-confidence that came from inside. Sure she would take your complement but I don't know if she ever needed it. 

Grandma was the prototype for all the girls in the Saarloos family. Everyone knows that every man in the Saarloos family has married up at least two full levels. Every woman in our family seems to have some kind of superpower. Tireless workers, talented, skilled conversationalists, endlessly beautiful, outstanding athletes, passionate, selfless, the list of virtues is endless. I think that is because we have been surrounded by extraordinary women our entire lives. So when we see one, we know it. Every Saarloos woman is a challenge to her Husband. They're tough, talented, beautiful, and elegant, and we are pretty sure they don't need us.
I'm just glad they love us.

Grenache Blanc is the Elegant Woman, the wife of your dreams, the mother that would put your socks on while you were still in bed because she didn't want your feet to get Cold. 
(that is a 100% honest statement, My grandmother used to do that for my dad and uncle)

She is always interesting and you can never tire of her.
Every night I walk through my front door and see my wife, 
I feel like the luckiest man on earth.

Every time I open a bottle of Wife.
I feel the same way.

I feel honored to make a wine, the women in our lives, love.


Bertha Saarloos.
The glue that holds the selection of wines and family together. A wine that not only makes your taste buds flutter, but also your heart. The wine tastes like 14.5 % of fruity delicious love. Apple hints. Crisp ones. Bertha Saarloos is the one we've honored time and time again. And each year we keep progressing with the taste and love into this beautiful wine. She's the reason we pour our heart and souls into making white wines that people actually enjoy. Not your traditional buttery oaky every bland word about a white wine possible. Grenache blanc, the magic. The glue.