67% Syrah
25% Grenache
8% Mourvedre


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In this unique vintage we have unified:

1 Wine. From 2 Estate Vineyards, 3 Types of Grapes, from 6 Locations.
Grenache from each of our Vineyards, Windmill and El Camino Real
Syrah Bloc's : Fatman / Little Boy / High Hill
Mourvédre from our El Camino Real Vineyard

Think of a Family Photo. 
Everyone is the same DNA, but the personalities are wildly different. But, You are one family unit. 
Each member brings something to the table that the others do not. The composition of the family is a reflection of the parts more than it is the family itself. How do they get along, do they play off of each other to make something greater that the parts. We have all seen a team with a star fail to win. The teams that have great chemistry always are the story. How  all individuals are much less than the unity of the team.
This is the Team Of Superstars - the Dream Team of wines playing for a common goal. 

The point of a GSM is to fully represent a place in time. Here we combine six different blocks of vines from two different vineyards representing three different varietals. Think of it as a family, sure they share many of the same traits and DNA, but the diversity of the individuals is immense. This unique mix of personalities and individualism is what makes your family different than any other family that ever has been or will be.  
Take yourself for example, you were a different person this year than you were last year and will probably be much different next year than you are now. Now compound that difference and multiply it across your entire family. Everyone in that family is evolving and changing,  sometimes it's in direct correlation to the changes of the other people involved. 
Therein lies the Hidden beauty of the GSM. Even if we wanted to, we could never re-create this wine precisely.
Next year each individual grape will be different, each vineyard will be different, and we will be different.
It is the differences that make you beautifully unique.

Our goal is never to be better than anyone, our goal is always to be better than we what's were.
Our goal is to express our work, our location, & this time. As perfectly as we can.

I believe we have achieved that.