2017 Cash's Crush // Grenache Rosé

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IMG_6684 (1).jpg

2017 Cash's Crush // Grenache Rosé


All Canteens have been gifted out - Sorry about that.


2017 Grenache Rosé  - Windmill Ranch
100% Sustanibley Grown
100% Estate Grown

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When you buy 6 bottles of the Rosé you get a Canteen For FREE.

You were going to drink 6 bottles this summer anyway, why not get a free canteen.


Do you have a major event on the way?
Would you like your own custom bottle of rose? Well, We can do that.

If you would like to have your labels left Blank- please let us know so you can embellish them however you choose.
If you would like our help in creating a stamp just for you. Please email keith@saarloosandsons.com
We can make your special day even more special.


We released our Rosé at the tasting room this past weekend and couldnt keep it on the shelves.

Since we are a Sustainable Vineyard we wanted to create some Sustainable Packaging, to go along with you on your summer outings.
(Honestly, we just wanted to beat the "No Glass Rules by the pool, beach, , music festivals, or heck, your kids baseball games)

The SSCO Canteen :
We teamed up with our friends at CORKCICLE and created a Canteen that Holds and ENTIRE BOTTLE OF WINE.
The SSCO Canteen keeps drinks ice cold for up to 25 hours  without freezing or sweating. 

•  Slip-proof, silicone bottom
•  Easy-grip sides
•  Screw-on air tight cap
•  It can handle pretty much anything you throw at it, and belive me we tested it. 

One morning last harvest I was sneaking out to go to the winery and my boy Cash Saarloos said he wanted to come with. So we grabbed his boots and went or a ride. When we got to the winery the little man donned his batman boots and got to crushing. It was a pretty awesome moment for us both. Something I hope he will remember for the rest of his life.
When I told him we were bottling the rosé he made, he said how he wants his label to look. "scary but not to carry and it should look like me.
So we did it.
Because what kind of person would I be not to make It is as awesome as he is. 

This wine is awesome in a bottle.