BRETHREN | Windmill Ranch

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BRETHREN | Windmill Ranch

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Grenache Noir
Estate Grown
Windmill Ranch
Santa Ynez Valley
2016 | Picked by Family
2018 | Put to Bottle
2018 - 2036 | Enjoy

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One Half of the Saarloos brotherhood of Grenache. Grenache is one of my favorite grapes on the planet. It is the Farmer’s Grape, it is the Wine Drinkers Grape. It is The Wine the Rest of the world is drinking. It is always the bottle I bring to a party just to watch people who say “I only Drink White/Pinot/Syrah/Cab/ext.” say, WOAH - What is this? And then before you know it, it is the first wine that is gone.
That is what Grenache is all about. It is the wine you never tire of. It is the wine that everyone SHOULD be drinking….
I hav always adorned the bottles with photos of my Father and Uncle in their youth.
Raised by the same family and the same clone these brothers share many of the same characteristics. Yet it is their individuality that makes them special. Each of our Grenache Noir wines has an individual identity that expresses who we are as a family. 
Grenache is approachable as a happy little kid that when you ruffle his hair he says “Aww Shucks” That is Grenache… It is Syrah without the Bite, Cabernet without the spice, what Pinot works so hard to be… Grenache does it all with ease.
If you like wine, I can promise you that you LOVE Grenache.
That is why, the Grenache is always gone…
You just drink it…..

I love this grape.

Larry's is harvested from our Windmill Ranch Vineyard On Ballard Canyon