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Cabernet Sauvignon 58%
Cabernet Franc 28%
Petite Verdot 14%

100% Home. 

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The are Locations Withheld.

Remember: You Judge your friends by the wine you serve them. 
(you know its true)

You know it is true, You have friends that you bring out the good stuff for. The friends that will not only help you, but will push you out of the way so it will get done right. The kind of friends that will scold your children when they get out of line and expect you to do the same. You know, the friends that will be there when no one else is. Places you sit on the floor in the kitchen. And you laugh from the wild deep places that only come to light is places that are safe and warm... 
These are the Friends that blur the line between Family….
This wine is an amalgamation of a few friend's home properties. Vineyards they tend as lovingly as our own. Friends in name but Family in bond. We had an extremely rare opportunity to unite these vineyards to create a wine that would not exist on its own or will never exist again. We spend a lot of time with our friends on this property. Loving their home as our own, loving their children as our own.  These individual locations are brought together to celebrate the unity of each others homes. When you open a bottle of wine you instantly create community.  Everyone with wine in their glass is having a shared experience. We are smelling, tasting and enjoying the moment, together. Our kids playing together, spending holidays together, staying too late and forgetting what time it is.  This is the essence of what wine is. It isn’t about scores, or somms, or what you “should like” its about being together and filling up each others cup before your own. Its about not looking at your phones and looking into who you are and would like to be. Its about bearing your soul around camp fires and feeling renewed as you carry your sleeping children to the car. Its about bringing a bottle you are excited about as a gift and then them opening it immediately so you can drink it together. 

I wish everyone these types of friends in your life. And when you have them, protect them, love them and take a bullet for them.

Because, they would for you.