THE BIG BLACK MUG - The 25oz Camp Mug

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THE BIG BLACK MUG - The 25oz Camp Mug


I made a big change in my life.
I made a bigger Mug.
It fixed all of my life’s problems.
Mugs are Magic.

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I have this mug that I love.
I got it on a boat trip. I have had it for over 20+ years. It is a simple metal camp style mug.
Every night when I get home I look for it.
Sometimes it is right where my wife hides it from company, lower cabinet right next to the stove behind the kids thermoses.
Sometimes my kids grab it and use it for their paint brushes.
Sometimes it is next to my bed with water from the night before.
Sometimes it is a shovel.
Sometimes it has my morning coffee in it late in the afternoon. 
Sometimes it is in the tub as a boat for one of my sons action figures.
Sometimes it has a bunch of legos in it on the table. Sometimes it has a cigar put out in it next to the BBQ.
Sometimes there is leftover milk in it from some lazy persons cereal on a sunday morning. 
Sometimes it's in the sink. 
But, every single time it is in the last place I look.

I love this mug. 
It seems to make the ice in it colder.
It makes the soup I eat out of it just right. 
It holds every thing in my pockets when I pocket dump things into it looking for a missing screw. 
It holds almost anything. 
If you buy some really strong magnets, it will stick to anything metal. 
It holds a 24 oz of mixed drinks, a whole can of ginger ale with a ton of ice.

IT HOLDS A BOTTLE OF WINE. (I have checked)

One day I looked down into my mug and noticed that a dent I put in it a long, long time ago when I used it as a hammer had finally decided to hold onto what I can only think was paint as I drank some coffee out of it. 
I thought to myself, Nathen R. Johnson the Mug you have been a good friend. You have been with me since i have been 18. But now it is time for a new one of you. 
Then I said to my wife, "Wife, why don't we make these?"
Then we made them. 
This is that mug. 
It is the best mug in the world. 
It is your Nathan R Johnson of a mug. 
Its the only thing you need.