2018 Cash's Crush - Buy 6 and Get a Free Canteen

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2018 Cash's Crush - Buy 6 and Get a Free Canteen

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2018 Cash’s Crush
Grenache Rose.

Buy 6 Bottles and get a FREE Corkcicle Canteen.

Buy 12 Bottles and Get 2 Free Canteens and FREE SHIPPING.

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I would read all of this: This Guy makes a pretty compelling argument…

Just Released. 
Cash’s Crush Rosé: we teamed up with our friends at @corkcicleand crafted custom made canteens for you to beat the summer.  

When you purchase 6 bottles of our Cash’s Crush you will receive a free canteen that holds an entire bottle of wine and will keep it cold for 24 hours or so. Yes, you read that correctly, FREE CANTEEN.

If you buy a 12 ( a case) you get 2 canteens and free shipping. So why wouldn't you do that, I mean,  you are a smart person that likes free things so why wouldn't you. Yes, you read that Correctly, 2 FREE CANTEENS. Plural.

Now you can bring your ice-cold wine with you camping⛺️ to the pool 🏊🏽 and even the beach 🏖 really anywhere, even those places that have that pesky no glass policy.

Listen you are going to crush all the rose anyhow, might as well do it in style. 

Or you can keep pouring it into a ziplock hanging it from the tree, Biting off the corner and drinking it like a hamster 🐹 .
No judgment here. But now you can drink Rosé like a reasonable person, from a Canteen. 
Like you are from the future or something...

At with our canteen, you can screw on the cap and even save some for later.

Canteens of Rosé - how can you beat that?
We asked literally 8 people, and the unanimous answer was:
You cannot.

Also, when you drink all of the rosé you can fill it up with anything you want. ANYTHING. Even water, I just wouldn't recommend you drink that stuff, who knows where it has been? The Sky? Under Dirt? A Pipe?
I know I don't know..... and neither do you.

Your Rosé came from a bottle and now you can put it in a Canteen and literally go anywhere you want.
Because you are a free American, and American that drinks rose from a canteen.

For those that did no read all of the scientifically concrete information above - let me sum this up for you.
Drink Rosé From a Canteen.
Rosé in a Canteen = Awesome.

Side Note:
I may have drunk? drank? drunken? dranken?
Ahem* Consumed an entire canteen of rosé before I composed this email. 
and it was AWESOME.

Keith Saarloos