19IV | Nineteen Fifty Four | 55% Cabernet 45% Syrah

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19IV | Nineteen Fifty Four | 55% Cabernet 45% Syrah

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55% Cabernet SAUVIGNON
45% Syrah

Estate Grown
El Camino Real Vineyard
Santa Ynez Valley
2015 | Picked by Family
2017 | Put to Bottle
2017 - 2039 | Enjoy


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Each year we celebrate the union of my Grandparents, and the creation of the Saarloos family by crafting a bottle for them. This is the 10th Iteration. 

The Marriage of both of our vineyards in one bottle. The First grape planted on Each Vineyard.
Cabernet Sauvignon from El Camino Real
Syrah from our Windmill Ranch Vineyard.
Married together in one bottle. 
An expression of who we are with two distinct personalities balanced together in the bottle. 

A cellebration of Marriage

If you think of a married couple, they are different from each other. In essence two individuals that have made a choice for their two lives to become ONE LIFE. This Union melds their lives together just as we have two wines together their lives have been intertwined. In all cases, this union creates something entirely special, unique and one of a kind. The two vineyards produce drastically different fruit even though they are only two miles apart. When they are joined they create something that would never exist on its own.
Just as in Marriage the balance is always in flux. There is no perfect balance that we can release every year. Every Year is an expression of itself, and in essence, it is WHO WE ARE this Year. There are ebbs and flows, and sometimes the Cabernet is dominant in flavor and structure we need less in the blend, at times the Syrah is delicate and easily overshadowed, and we make adjustments to the percentages. 
Just like in marriage, it all takes attention, patience, time, a few deep breaths and yes, a never-ending amount of Work. 

We do this by bringing together the Syrah from Windmill Vineyard and the Cabernet from our El Camino Real Vineyard. Each of these varietals and each vineyard are unique. We treat and farm them very differently. They both need to be scratched in just the right places... It is as different as Mom and Dad, a Husband and Wife, Brother and Sister.... 
They both just need what they need and demand your attention and affection in different ways....

To the right, you can see an example of each one of these wines. Every year is different, just as, we are different people each year in our marriage. We are a changed by the addition of another, and they are modified by us. This delicate balance is forever changing in the wedding, and in our wines. 
Celebrate the differences.
Celebrate the union.