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Only 226 Cases Produced.

60% Cabernet from ECR Vineyard
40% Syrah from the Windmill Ranch Vineyard

100% Estate 
Hand Picked by Family in 2011
Barrel Aged 2 Years
Bottled in 2013
Bottle Aged 1 Year


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Our family Began: 
Friday May 11, 1945, at Seven O'clock in the Evening in Artesia California. 
Gilbert and Bertha Saarloos were Married

Each year we celebrate this union, and the creation of the Saarloos family by crafting a bottle for them.

We do this by bringing together the Syrah from Windmill Vineyard and the Cabernet from our El Camino Real Vineyard. Each of these veritals and each vineyards are very unique. We treat and farm them very differently. They both need to be scratched in just the right places... It is as different as Mom and Dad, a Husband and Wife, Brother and Sister.... 
They both just need what they need and demand your attention and affection in different ways....

To the right you can see an example of each one of these wines. Every year is different, just as, we are different people each year in our marriage. We are a changed by the addition of another, and they are changed by us. This delicate balance is forever changing in marriage, and in our wines. 
Celebrate the differences.
Celebrate the union.