1 Barrel of Wine

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1 Barrel of Wine


Purchasing this: You get to pick any barrel of our wine and we will bottle it and custom label it for you and only you. You can even decide to pick it on the vine and go through the entire process with us in the creation of your wine. Grapes included. 
Step up to the Plate. 

Cash Not Included.

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From our Plow to your Porch

So here is how it works. 

1 Barrel of wine is $10,000
That barrel holds 25 Cases of wine. 
Those Cases hold 12 Bottles each.
So 1 Barrel of wine holds 300 Bottles. 

Now I know that it seems like its a lot of wine, but really it isn’t. 
If you open a bottle with dinner a few times a week, you WILL drink it all. 
People always say… That's a lot of wine, but then, they call me a few months in and say, we have to do that again. 

There are a couple really cool parts to this.

We will design you a custom label just for you. That's right this wine will be 100% yours - you pick the photo you want to have on the front and BOOM. Your very own custom bottle is yours.
I'll take care of all the design stuff, we just need to chat and I will have what you want to you in 2 tries. 

Here is where it gets extra amazing. 

If you put your companies name on the bottle, or your charity, BOOM. 100% Write Off.
Since we hold the wines that we custom bottle for an additional year, our scarcity has pushed that vintage into the $200+ price point. 
THEN, since these bottles are yours and scarce as they come, the value of these bottles is right at 80 - 100 per bottle, yes market rate is around $200 but I think 100 is fair.  
So, when you Donate a case to all of the people that ask you for a donation, you have in fact donated 1200 worth of wine to them. 
You ask for the donation receipt for your records. 
Do this 9 times and you have replaced the cost you paid for the barrel + $800 in tax savings. 

So, to recap - 300 bottles of wine that are 100% yours in style and look.
100% write off as a promotional expense if a business or a charity purchase it. 
100% Tax deduction after you donate 9 Cases.

We have done it with, 
The Medal of Honor Foundation, Oakley, Shell Oil, Google, Rawlings, Law Firms, Investment Groups, Hedge Fund Managers
and way more charities than I can count.