X (TEN) // My Daughter // Estate Sauvignon Blanc // 2014

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X (TEN) // My Daughter // Estate Sauvignon Blanc // 2014


To My Daughter -
I never expected how fast it would happen.

I get to watch you grow, make mistakes, celebrate victory and forge your life. 
I once believed I was here to change the world I now know I am here to make way for her. - Keith Saarloos

Brielle's has turned 10 This Year.
She has been a apart of the harvest and creation of our Sauvignon Blanc wine since she was 5. She says the harvest blessing , is in charge of the pick, and the press. Being a part of the process and understanding our lives work.

One day, she may be writing these, 
I hope she is better at it than me. 

It won't be hard. 
Honor + Prepare.

Check out her work in the Video Below.

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A Love Letter our Daughter

The standing rule in our family is. My Daughter can marry anyone she wants to,
+ + +
As long as they love you more, than Dad does.


My daughter Brielle has been part of Saarloos and sons even before we made our first bottle of wine. Honestly, She was the reason we moved to the Valley. My Wife and I made a pact that we would move to the valley full time as soon as we were pregnent. Within two weeks of Brielles birth we were living in a barn that's only source of heat was a Pot Bellied stove I would light before bed and then relight before I went out to harvest our grapes with my Father. Grapes we would sell to other wineries, since we made no wine for ourselves.  That little girl slept right between us. Every night we would look at the ceiling and wonder if we made the right decision.  We knew we wanted to raise her in a place that gave her the best possible chance at being the best possible person she could be. To live and grow up in a place full of passion, and people working hard to fulfill their dreams. It wasn't easy, in fact moving here was one of the hardest things my wife and I have ever done. I literally GREEN ACRED my wife and new born child in hopes of a better life for our children. As she grew we spent more and more time together in the vineyard. We would go for quad rides through the vines and talk about grapes, taste them and spit the seeds on the ground and generally be proud of where we were and what we were doing. She grew up in the Shadow of her Father and her Grandfather working in the vines. She saw what hard work looked like and how the lights stayed on. 
When she was 5 she made the call on when we would pick our Sauvignon Blanc and my wife let me take her out into the field to Harvest it with Me and Grandpa. It was a magical moment where 3 generations were all smiles and working side by side for our common Goal. Once again, it wasn't easy work, but it was rewarding. It was the Historic first crop from our second vineyard, and she was there to share the moment with us.  As they years followed we began to name the Sauvignon Blanc after her. First Came, Brielle, then Hunter, The Iron Lady, Daddy's Girl, and now X. Every year we add a little more to her "to do list" and one day she will be the Winemaker of Record, most likely the same year she will get her drivers license....
From here on we will be chronically naming the Sauvignon Blanc in honor of her age. I will also be writing a note (probably unreadable and embarrassing) that she can stand on a shelf and look back and know that she was loved every day of her life. I hope you love this wine as much as we love the young lady that has inspired it. I know every single parent feels the way we do about our Girl. This wine is for all of us. This wine is to celebrate the lives of the people we love more than ourselves. People that we would make selfless decisions for. People that we will pay the bills for before we pursue our own dreams. Drink this bottle for them. Drink this bottle with them. 

And never ever miss an opportunity to tell them how much you love them. 

So as you see without Brielle there would be no Saarloos and sons. 

Without her, we wouldn't even be here. 
Without her, I would never have found my purpose. 
She has made me the man my wife believed me to be. 
Nothing motivates a man to be better than the man he thought he could be, than the love of his Daughter.
I had better live up to being the man she thinks I am.

Like I said, 

My Daughter can marry anyone she wants to, As long as they love her more,  than her Dad does.
(good luck with that.)

Live to Honor Those that have come before you,
+ prepare the way for those yet to come.

Sent from a Vineyard. 

-Keith Saarloos

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